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Software/Website Developer, Programming/Technology Veteran, Communicator
James Saxon has over 30 years experience in:
  • Software Architecture, Design, and Development
  • Open Source, Web Frameworks, SOAP, REST Integration
  • Multimedia
  • E-Learning Platforms
  • Documentation
  • Team Leadership & Team Membership

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  • Python and PHP based web application and service integrating Web 2.0 technology into a fun and useful consumer application.
  • Multiple Systems Integration Projects involving integrating existing code, custom code, and open source repositories, and using and creating APIs.
  • Customization, upgrading, and continuous maintenance of eCommerce site.
  • Custom DHTML Icon System - Angular/Typescript/JavaScript Model/Viewer/Controller Development
  • Filemaker Pro Rental Tracking System
  • Custom Database Flash Remoting Application - Design database and front end for custom Flash web application
  • Lange Concepts Pangea - Site HTML development
  • California Clean Money Campaign and YesFairElections.org - Architecture, tracking system, faxing system, campaign chaining system, integration with multiple open source products, maintenance
  • TileGranite.com - Site design, art, content creation, photo presentation system
  • BeatGOPGear.com - Database driven automation system for rapid dynamic updating of Cafepress.com storefront website.
  • Tasks including Photoshopping, Powerpointing, Excelling, and Wording.

310 823-0545 - james@shming.com

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James Saxon has developed some exciting software and has thrived leading teams, and working individually, reaching high impact effective goals.

James Saxon's professional career started by programming world class Computer Based Training sytsems, creating software architectures, production systems, navigation structures. Over the years he has leveraged his problem solving programming skill and history beyond training.

James Saxon is motivated to deliver high quality, by designing modular, expandable, and leveragable software and production support tools. Team members focus more on their roles, busywork is eliminated, processes are streamlined. Smaller teams - better quality - faster delivery.

James Saxon has expertise in many tools and systems.

James Saxon is excellent with client, and staff communication both verbal and written and also very capable at interfacing with the most technical of staff.

James Saxon enjoys creativity, analysis, design, programming, communication, brainstorming, and delivering!

SHMING is owned and operated by:

James Bennett Saxon
MS Computer Science
BS Computer Science
BS Engineering

James Saxon's Resume (PDF)
James Saxon's Resume (WEB)

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