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Software/Website Developer, Programming/Technology Veteran, Communicator
James Saxon has over 30 years experience in:
  • Software Architecture, Design, and Development
  • Open Source, Web Frameworks, SOAP, REST Integration
  • Multimedia
  • E-Learning Platforms
  • Documentation
  • Team Leadership & Team Membership

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  • Python and PHP based web application and service integrating Web 2.0 technology into a fun and useful consumer application.
  • Multiple Systems Integration Projects involving integrating existing code, custom code, and open source repositories, and using and creating APIs.
  • Customization, upgrading, and continuous maintenance of eCommerce site.
  • Custom DHTML Icon System - Angular/Typescript/JavaScript Model/Viewer/Controller Development
  • Filemaker Pro Rental Tracking System
  • Custom Database Flash Remoting Application - Design database and front end for custom Flash web application
  • Lange Concepts Pangea - Site HTML development
  • California Clean Money Campaign and YesFairElections.org - Architecture, tracking system, faxing system, campaign chaining system, integration with multiple open source products, maintenance
  • TileGranite.com - Site design, art, content creation, photo presentation system
  • BeatGOPGear.com - Database driven automation system for rapid dynamic updating of Cafepress.com storefront website.
  • Tasks including Photoshopping, Powerpointing, Excelling, and Wording.

310 823-0545 - james@shming.com



Fair Elections!


California Needs Fair Elections

  • Levels the playing field
  • Working in other states!
  • Stops systemic corruption!

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